Back to the beginning. Where everything started. Long nights, not much sleep.

Ideas were born from incredible experiences, then musically realized. Unforgettable moments which will stay with you forever and which will be revived after a creative pause.


The musical roots of Tobias Lutzenkirchen go back to the year 1992, where he appeared the first time on a record as a singer. His love for electronic music came to life when he was working for one year as a promoter on Ibiza in 1995.


He came back to Neuss in Germany in 1996, where he continued to work as a Singer and Songwriter in every possible musical realm but also started to learn the art of sound engineering as he was already touched by the late 90’s electronic music scene.


As a result, he evolved his first electronic tracks and experimented under different aliases just a year or two later, which resulted in a couple of chart successes 2001 and 2002.


Many, many aliases and projects later, Lutzenkirchen was born in 2005.

Continually striving to innovate and evolve his sound, you can always count on him to push things forward – rather than copying the latest hotshot or ripping off endless old records. He only began his DJ career in 2006, when the success of his productions began to bring booking requests from around the world and by 2008 he had switched to performing as a live-act for about two years.


These two years have seen him play on every continent at least twice,

with 8 tours in Brazil alone. But whether he’s playing to 300 people

in a sweaty provincial German nightclub, or to 30,000 on huge festivals,

his enthusiasm and passion are still the same.

Even after being 'on the road' for or over a decade.


He released on prolific labels like Mark Knights „Toolroom“, UMEKs “1605”,

Spartaques “IAMT”, Cristian Varelas "Pornographic", major Labels like "Universal“

and of course "Great Stuff“, as well as on Martin Eyerers "Kling Klong“, Spektres "Respekt Records", Marco Baileys "MB Elektronics", "303 Lovers“ and much more.

In fact way too many to list here.


He was also the head of “Platform B”, a musical platform for Munich´s newcomer artists, which still has a huge fan base for superb minimal and techno tracks

which might be revived soon.


However: With such a massive output you sometimes need a break; a regenerating phase in which you retract yourself fully into thought. Especially after the huge German super hit

“3 Tage Wach” (Three Days Awake) which was one of the most successful songs in 2008. Getting tired from all the hype he switched from being a LiveAct back to DJing in

2010/2011 and in the middle of 2012, Lutzenkirchen arrived at a point where he nearly stopped his productions almost completely.


In the end, this time did him a power of good. He is back with more motivation and energy than ever before. His musical style is once again one step ahead of the time and massive new output has been collected, which announced a new-old Lutzenkirchen who is once more dedicated to the techno scene. Also, he will soon return to his trademark

“Lutzenkirchen Live” Setup which a lot of people still remember very well and will showcase his unique production skills to the crowds.


It is a return to the beginning; to the roots. Groovy and extreme danceable dirty Techno, with his typically trancy and housy elements in-between to spice things up even more. His music is heavily inspired by his journeys and from his experiences in cities like London, Detroit, Melbourne, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Bogota, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Paris, Mexico City, Barcelona, Medellin, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Chicago.


His sound is diverse, energetic, pulsating, thrilling, high-q and unmistakable Lutzenkirchen

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