While Lutzenkirchen has now once again a solid footing in the techno scene

I always missed my house-sets and doing housier productions.


This is why I decided to split up myself into two 

main music categories. Production-wise and also DJing-wise.


So let me introduce you to Lutzenhouse. The debut EP is released on 

Yellow Tail (BluFin) and the first full DJ-Set will go online on Soundcloud in a couple of

days as well. I'll keep you posted. Lutzenhouse focuses on Classic House/

Progressive House and Tech House. In the sets as well as in the productions.


Also: For now Lutzenhouse bookings will go at 50% off the regular official

Lutzenkirchen fee. Lutzenkirchen date requests have priority when dates cross.

More infos/news to follow soon.  






For now, here the beatport links to the EP:


Lutzenhouse - Vibes (Fus Do Rah EP/Yellow Tail)


Lutzenhouse - Qudah (Fus Do Rah EP/Yellow Tail)


Lutzenhouse - Fus Do Rah (Fus Do Rah EP/Yellow Tail)


On Soundcloud:



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